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Web 101: How to create a free webpage?

Hi, stranger!

Surfing through the vast sea we call “Internet”, you somehow landed on my island. You were probably looking for an easy and (of course) cheap, or why not even FREE way to create your own webpage. If this guess is not lucky enough, then you have only two options, I am afraid – keep reading… or SCRAM!

Now, after we cleaned up the people not interested in the intel provided by this site, please make yourself at home. Stay a while and list… ummm, read :)

So, you want a free webpage. This is no easy task, eh? Luckily, you came to the right place. Let’s make free homepage hosting simple and pleasant thing to do. Here is the 101:

First, get a hosting and a domain. This one is not easy – there are many hosters on this big white world and all of them have different offers. Your options in that department are practically endless. You can use Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever until you find the one that you think suits your needs. Well, I have my own personal choice for free website hosting, that I found out to be awesome and reliable. I need free unlimited web hosting that supports the software I want to use and offers enough resources for my web page.

Second, if you are not that into HTML and PHP coding, you probably need an easy-to-use tool to create and manage your web page. Probably a CMS (Content Manager System). There are a lot of them, the most popular (and not so free) are Joomla, WordPress & Drupal. Why not free? Because the basic pack is OK, but you are going to need plug-ins and modules and stuff, which cost money! And I mean A LOT of $$$! So I made a little research and this is the summary of the best and easiest to use free webpage site builders. So – browse through the pages of this site for detailed info about the most common and user-friendly free webpage builders there are. Keep in mind though that not all free website hosting services you may stumble upon the Internet support everything. You certainly need to look up some good free PHP hosts, which also offer reasonable Joomla and WordPress web hosting as well as free Drupal website hosting.

Third, if you get into trouble – check out my tutorials on how to setup your free website hosting. You can find them by mouseovering the menu items.

Have fun and never forget – you are just a small, teeny-tiny fish in the Internet ocean until you go commercial :)